Multilingual SEM is a sub-division of the Mokhtar Group Corporation, an Internet Marketing and Localization Agency based in California and operating globally. We specialize in the fields of MSEM (Multilingual Search Engine Marketing), Search Engine Optimization, International Pay Per Click Advertising, paid advertisements (e.g. Google AdWords, Bing, etc…), online PR, Multilingual internet marketing services, multicultural social Media Marketing (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…), Branding, and Online Video Marketing (e.g. Multimedia creation, editing, YouTube, Vimeo, etc…).


We have been developing global web business for over a decade, with long experience, and higher education we are looking to offer you the best services in internet marketing especially when it comes to the multilingual services.


Multilingual SEM is the best choice for those in the digital advertising or web marketing who are trying to make sure that the foreign-language (multilingual/Bilingual) versions of their copy advertisement or campaign will be as good as the original one in every way and to make sure it is delivered on a timely manner.


Creating a nice looking website and publishing it is not enough. Your website must be well exposed to the demographics you are targeting and findable by them in their native languages. With over 3.5 Billion indexed web pages on 2013, all competing for similar top ranks using similar keywords all around the planet. We are here to help you not only to be one of those who are at the top ranks in each market but to close sales.



Below are the languages we currently support:


English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew, Swahili, Afrikaans, Russian, & Turkish.


Don't see the language you're seeking? Contact us.







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Multilingual SEM is a subdivision of the Mokhtar Group Corporation.


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